Return Again: Storytelling CD

Return Again: Storytelling CD
by Debra Zaslow
Return Again is a unique blend of traditional and original stories for the Days of Awe and times of personal transformation. Although these stories come from the Jewish 0894110152tradition, they are relevant for everyone, filled with universal wisdom, tears and laughter. Debra Gordon-Zaslow has developed a signature style of combining archetypal story with personal narrative by using the foundation of a classical tale and expanding it with the weaving in of personal anecdotes. She also has taken traditional male stories and revived them into tales that honor the divine feminine. Debra says, “Each year I’m privileged to tell these stories to our congregation at a time of year when hearts are open, when we collectively yearn to return to our souls. I feel a hush in the room, and I know I m reaching everyone on a profound level. It’s the most rewarding kind of storytelling, and I am honored to share it with you on this CD.”

Devorah Zaslow is a modern maggidah. The way in which she tells her stories turns you from hearing into seeing and participating in the events she describes. The way she moves from the tale to her reflection is a wonderful example of how we can best internalize the seemingly simple tales to heal our complicated lives. 

Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Devorah Zaslow has a gift from heaven to put the light of the day and the light of the night, the sweetness of laughter and the depth of sadness – all in her stories. When you listen to her she pushes deep buttons in your heart and you suddenly remember all that which you never forgot. 

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, z”l

As Devorah Zaslow interweaves traditional, Hasidic,and original stories with her personal tales and blessings, her voice reaches the heart of the listener. This CD, Return Again,is a treasure for the High Holy Days and for all year round.

Peninnah Schram, author of Jewish Stories, One Generation Tells Another