A Personalized and Deeply Spiritual Wedding for You!

Working with a couple to create a customized ritual rooted in the ancient Jewish tradition is one of the great joys of being a rabbi, especially at a life cycle event as important and joyous as a wedding. Using the deep infrastructure of the traditional Jewish wedding, I work with each couple for many months before the wedding to create a ceremony that is personalized, deeply spiritual, meaningful, and inclusive of both families.

Sometimes in all of the planning with photographers, florists and caterers, the purpose of the wedding can fade into the background. My work with couples ensures that their spiritual and emotional needs stay at the forefront of the ritual. The simcha (joy) of a wedding has the potential to bring families together in new and unimaginable ways, and even heal old wounds. The weddings I perform are slow, deep, and shaped to the desires of the couple.

I perform traditional Jewish weddings, interfaith, LGBT, weddings for non-Jewish couples, and weddings for younger and older couples alike.  Please contact me for references, fees, and more information. I’d be glad to answer any questions you might have about an upcoming simcha that you are planning.

A Creative 8 mm Wedding Movie 

A few years ago I officiated at the wedding of Adam Cohen and Michelle Hellman in a destination wedding in Florence, Italy. Here is an artsy, quaint, 8 mm film of a few parts of their wedding that looks like something from the 1950’s. I think it reflects some of the depth and intimacy in the weddings I officiate. I love the music by Ennio Marricone (Cinema Paradiso) that the filmmaker Saam Farahmand selected. See it on YouTube or click below to watch it here.


Some Endorsements

Our wedding day was the most magical day of our lives. It wasn’t because of the 18th century villa that housed us, nor the views over the Florence, or the perfect weather, flowers and delicious Italian fare…. it was because of Rabbi David Zaslow. I say this with no exaggeration. Not only did Rabbi Zaslow emotionally move everyone of our guests but even our non-Jewish friends all wanted to convert after experiencing the powerful ceremony and mikvah he conducted.

We will remember that ceremony for the rest of our lives. The most beautiful thing about his presence at our wedding is that he officially became an extension of our family from that day forward. Since that day he has married both my brother and two of my best friends, and if it were up to us he would be traveling the world giving all of our friends the same gift we received – the presence of his remarkable energy, love, advice & spirituality.

Michelle Hellman and Adam Cohen

We are so very grateful to have had Reb David as our wedding officiant. Reb David has a remarkable gift for holding a deep spiritual container for ritual. He creates an inclusive experience of love, laughter, and light for all present. Countless people commented to us that they wanted to convert to Judaism after attending our wedding. That’s our Rebbe!

Stefan Schachther and Cyrise Beatty-Schachter

Rabbi David encouraged us to think about our vows and what they would mean months before the wedding. That led to such an incredibly meaningful moment in the wedding, one that Bobby and I will call upon throughout our lives together. Even years after our wedding, people still come up to us and say our Rabbi made our wedding the most fun, emotional, and special they’d ever attended. He involved all of our guests, and made them feel of our love.

Natalie and Bobby Hurd

The wedding was a beautiful event that Rabbi David helped create. We were very grateful to have him in our presence on this special day in our lives. At our wedding he was very inspirational and supportive.  Reb David brought an amazing combination of humor and meaning to our event.

Dr. Sean and Dr. Shobhana Sanchez

Rabbi David created a sacred space that allowed individuals from different religious and cultural backgrounds to feel at ease while celebrating our wedding in the Jewish tradition. It almost felt like time stood still as he masterfully guided us through our ceremony in a peaceful and loving way inspiring the merging of heart and spirit.

Rebecca and Bliss Dake

Rabbi David created and performed the most memorable ceremony for us including rituals, blessings, prayers, and music. Many or our guests who had never experienced a Jewish wedding were both enchanted and in awe, and they still comment about it to this day. Our wedding ceremony serves as a beacon of light that still shines upon us and we are most grateful to Rabbi David for the precious memory he created so deeply for us.

Dr. Marty Towbin and Suzan Towlen

Rabbi David made our wedding into a touching, truly personal affair.  He took the time to get to know us beforehand and when it came time for our wedding, he did such a moving, beautiful, genuine and humorous job of making us feel like we were the center of the universe while also involving (intoxicating even!) our guests; it was the most significant and powerful experience I could have imagined.  Everyone commented afterwards on how incredible and unique our ceremony was and how included they felt.  He was honestly the most important part of our wedding and truly made it the special, personal, loving day we had hoped it would be.  I cannot recommend him enough!

Sarah Aibel and Joel Mesler

Rabbi David fulfilled all of our expectations and more in his role as rabbi, master of ceremonies, and spiritual adviser. In the months leading up the wedding he guided us in understanding the meaning of marriage and the Jewish traditions in the ceremony. He gave us advice then that still helps keep our marriage and independence strong. At the ceremony David created an environment filled with love, warmth, compassion, humor and spirituality. He is a great rabbi, storyteller and musician. As a result, our guests – whether they were Jewish or not, married or not – were enriched and entertained throughout the day. As witness to David’s strength as a rabbi, two separate people from our wedding asked him to officiate their own weddings.

Suzanne Stoller and Breeze Dake

Our wedding with Rabbi Zaslow was wonderful and incredibly meaningful. From helping us with our ketubah to the ceremony itself, Rabbi Zaslow was accessible, helpful and supportive. He did a great job explaining the elements of a Jewish wedding, and we felt deeply the significance of the commitment we were making. His style is creative and lively, expressing the full beauty of a Jewish wedding. We are deeply grateful for him and the role he played in our wedding!

Jennifer Rosner and Yonah Lessard

Rabbi David brilliantly guided us through a very touching, spiritual, and loving ceremony.  The music, the singing, the bride and groom-secret poems, our personal vows, and our loved-ones’ individual blessings, brought everyone to joyous tears. Our family members told us they have never been to a more emotional and meaningful wedding in their lives.

Dr. Jory and Julie Bass Kaplan

Rabbi David created great community and connection amongst our friends and family while infusing our wedding with Jewish tradition.  Everyone felt that they had an opportunity to participate in our special ceremony and pre-wedding rituals. 

Janis and John