Now I See

by David Zaslow

The light of you bent back,
reflected from a far star
years away has reached
my eyes today seen only
in the darkness of the night tonight.

I swear that what I see is now
but know that what I see
is light bent back
from far off long ago.

And now my light
reflected from this star here,
our sun, will travel far
to meet your eyes someday
in the darkness of the night
somewhere, somehow.
To you it will be now
in years to come you’ll swear.
When I say “I recall” and you say,
“Now I see!”

This I’ve learned: my past is your tomorrow,
as yours is my today.
And now I see what was so long ago
to you, to me is now.
And so I say, “In the darkness
of my life, now, I see!”

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