L’cha Dodi: A Prayerbook for Friday Evening


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    Endorsements of the Leḥa Dodi Friday Evening Siddur
    Edited by Rabbi David Zaslow and Rabbi Emanuel Ben-David

    Rabbi David Zaslow and Rabbi Emanuel Ben-David have created a Friday Night Siddur that goes beyond full transliteration and translation to opening the deeper meaning of the prayers with insights from Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi and many of his students. This special prayer book empowers users to participate more fully in the service, while simultaneously providing spiritual insights to enhance our inner experience. 
    Rabbi Julie Hilton Danan, Ph.,D.

    The siddur is remarkable. I’m blown away by it…every page feels like an immediate immersion in Reb Zalman’s own heart and soul. I feel him on every page and in every word. This siddur is like praying inside of a master’s own heart/mind as he felt G-d’s presence and imbued the words with his own intentions. It’s so beautiful and necessary. Medicine for those who yearn to pray Jewishly…with feeling. 
    Rabbi David Ingber

    This is a splendid siddur, touching to heart, mind and soul, and  resplendent with Reb Zalman’s spirit, accessible to all!
    Reb Leila Gal Berner

    To have all of Reb Zalman’s creative translations and renditions of Kabbalat Shabbat liturgy in one place . . . What a mechayah! I can just see his smiling face, rejoicing in Reb David’s and Reb Emanuel’s work. This is a practical resource that will be of use to many prayer leaders in the years to come.
    Rabbi Burt Jacobson

    This gorgeous and multi-layered siddur is a true gift to the Jewish world and to our co-spiritualists. Reb Zalman’s brilliant meta-translations, his sense of awe and wonder, and love of God and God’s creatures come alive on every page.
    Rabbi Sue Morningstar

    This is a siddur like no other! Reb Zalman’s z”l soul pours through our ancient prayer poetry, guiding us with his ancient, far-seeing, wise heart; guiding us to the heart of Jewish prayer.
    Rabbi Zeleg Golden

    The latest Siddur by rabbis Zaslow and Ben-David offers a Friday Evening prayer book that is as user-friendly as it is spiritually inspiring. It celebrates the fantastic translations and interpretive works of Reb Zalman and at the same time gives room to newer, equally impressive liturgists of the Jewish Renewal movement. A must-have siddur for any spiritual seeker.
    Rabbi Oren Steinitz

    Rabbis Ben-David and Zaslow have done a great service for those drawn to Judaism as a living, evolving tradition. Leha Dodi is a liturgical treasure trove for all who wish to celebrate the Shabbat evening service in a gloriously melodic, deeply inspirited way.
    Rabbi Diane Elliot

    A beautiful Siddur with poetic translations that unlock the spiritual heart of the liturgy.
    Rabbi Laura Duhan-Kaplan

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